Chapter 1: Final Destination

Read the story that started it all! Experiencing severe technical difficulties, a transatlantic flight is forced to make an emergency landing... but just where have they arrived?

Art by Ash Jackson


Chapter 2: Origin of Species

Strange events become even stranger as Jack and his team involve themselves in an odd occurrence on the night time streets of Machonon, capital city of the afterlife.

Art by Jerry Gaylord


Chapter 3: Silver Screen

Film star Victor Holden is dead. Someone knows why. Private Investigator Love Jackson searches a black and white city for answers... and the elusive Man in White.

Art by Roy H. Stewart


Chapter 4: Death of a Salesman

Dead men tell no tales... but a pint or two might help loosen their tongues. In the afterlife's number one watering hole, talk turns to life, death and justice...

Art by Jack Tempest


Chapter 5: Wonderland

Reality tumbles down the rabbit hole for Afterlife Inc. as the Empyrean comes under attack from a strange entity, and a small girl embarks on a wonderful adventure...

Art by Ash Jackson


Chapter 6: On High

An angel's dreams of a better life take it on a quest to meet its maker: a mysterious, godlike being called the Fortune, who it is said will grant a boon...

Art by Will Tempest


Chapter 7: Elementary

For months, the inhabitants of the Empyrean have been preyed upon by a sinister figure. Head of security, Lux, closes in on the perpetrator... with help from an unlikely source.

Art by Del Borovic


Epilogue: From Now On

All things must pass... but in the afterlife, a world beyond endings, there are always reasons to go on living. Afterlife Inc. raises a glass to the past, with one eye on the future.

Art by Ash Jackson


Jon Lock is the creator of Afterlife Inc., Orb, Cuckoos and 99 Swords. He is also a writer for the Harvey Award nominated Uniques Tales. In 2013, along with creator Nich Angell, he co-founded Big Punch Studios.

"Afterlife Inc." and all related images, text and characters Copyright 2007-2016 Jonathan Lock. All Rights Reserved.