Chapter 1

As the Empyrean plays host to a series of ghostly manifestations, a sinister new threat to Afterlife Inc. lurks on the horizon, spelling doom for dead and living alike...

Art by Ash Jackson, Letters by Michael Stock


Chapter 2

Project Otherside unveils its secret weapon in the invasion of the afterlife. But just what exactly is Jon Antrobus, and does Otherside truly know what it has unleashed?



Chapter 3

Afterlife Inc. reels as the full power of Antrobus is unleashed on an unsuspecting Empyrean. Jack may like to plan for the future, but was all-out war ever on the agenda?



Chapter 4

Jack Fortune dances with the devil in a final showdown with Jon Antrobus. Silver tongue meets godlike power, with the fate of the entire afterlife in the balance.


Jon Lock is the creator of Afterlife Inc., Orb, Cuckoos and 99 Swords. He is also a writer for the Harvey Award nominated Uniques Tales. In 2013, along with creator Nich Angell, he co-founded Big Punch Studios.

"Afterlife Inc." and all related images, text and characters Copyright 2007-2016 Jonathan Lock. All Rights Reserved.