Jon Lock


Jon is a UK-based writer, editor and podcaster. He is perhaps best known for his acclaimed comic book series Afterlife Inc. In 2015, Jon co-founded Big Punch Studios, along with wife, Lucy, and friends Nich and Alice. As part of Big Punch Studios, Jon writes and publishes numerous ongoing series, including Cuckoos, Orb and 99 Swords, which are collected within the pages of Extraversal, a quarterly magazine available both digitally and in print.

Jon is the co-designer of Sandwich Masters, a card game about strategy, sabotage and sandwiches, which was one of Kickstarter's 'Projects of the Day' in September 2015. Alongside the Sandwich Masters crowd-funding campaign, Jon has successfully managed five Kickstarter projects.

Jon is also an avid podcaster. In addition to his shows for Big Punch Studios, he is the creator and co-host of A Show Called Hate, a comedy podcast about love, hate and everything in between.

In 2018, Jon launched the all-ages webcomic Zoolog in collaboration with artist Ben Haith. Drawing upon his degree in Biological Sciences, the comic aims to introduce children to concepts of zoology and evolution.

As a freelancer, Jon was the editor on Project Autumn, a collaborative piece celebrating twenty years of MCM's Comic Village, and has written for games produced by Warner Bros. He is currently the lead writer on a forthcoming game project, to be published by Nicalis. 

In 2018, Jon organised and moderated the inaugural Comics Summit, a trade event for independent comic creators to share ideas and discuss issues facing the UK comics community.